Business introduction

1) Manufacturing of Japanese style goods

In 1963, our company was established by Muneaki Yamaguchi(founder) in Kyoto.
It has been about 40 years since we continued making a handmade Japanese style handicraft.
The quality of our craft goods such as "box" and "hand mirror" using cloth like “crepe” is very famous for the industry. 
Moreover, the needlework goods such as fan bag, drawstring pouch bag, scent bag. has begun manufacturing for about 15 years.
The handmade goods have warmth. Whenever using it, it becomes special goods.

2) Production of Japanese style novelty

The production of Japanese style novelty has been started since about 1996.
In Kyoto, there are a lot of Japanese style goods such as the Furoshiki, fans, and Kiyomizu-yaki.
We are producing the original goods in cooperation with the local company.
Our company often exhibits to "Premium incentive show" held in Tokyo. 
As a result, the connection with the SP industry is deep, and there are knowhow and results of the novelty production.
We are producing "Japanese style novelty goods" that makes the best use of the ground in Kyoto.
For example, Japanese style novelty goods for business tools and commemorative gift for event, campaign, and exhibition, etc.

3) Management of internet-shop

「Kyoto RAKU Traditional Japanese style goods」
Sales to an individual customer have begun through the Internet since 2003.
They are the Japanese style goods that can be used in daily life. 
The theme is " Japanese style goods that heals the mind from Kyoto. "
It is possible to choose from a lot of items.
Goods are pleased when presenting it by congratulation etc.
Goods can be ordered from 1 piece.



Inquiry method

About the inquiry of our company, Please contact us by E-mail.
However, nobody can speak English in our company.
We try to correspond by some ways. Please understand it.
Mail address: